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Why Do We Need To Exercise? Here are the reasons we need to exercise

Exercise is an obligation that we need to do to adopt a healthy lifestyle because by exercising we can get a million good benefits for the body.

As time goes by, with busy lives and enjoying an unhealthy lifestyle, many complain about sports because it sounds tiring. On the other hand, you will get the surprises that you can get by exercising regularly. Starting from the very easy with jogging or just stretching the body like sit ups and back ups. Start slowly so that it is not too heavy to run the exercise.

Why do we need to exercise?

By exercising, our bodies will feel much better. In addition, exercise is the best choice to overcome various things that burden the mind, reduce depression because the interaction that is made with exercise will help to reduce it.

Exercise is also able to increase body development for taller children. Why? Exercise will help build stronger muscles because the body’s developmental hormones work optimally.

But over time, there are a lot of people who don’t do sports. The cause is an unhealthy lifestyle, enjoying a life that is not aware of the importance of a balanced life, or finding it difficult to do sports, or various trivial reasons that are basically lazy with sports. This will have a big impact, although indirectly, namely an unhealthy lifestyle.

An unhealthy lifestyle will affect the health of the body and will have a major impact on survival. The following are the effects that occur if our bodies do not exercise regularly and the benefits that can be obtained from exercising regularly.

1. The body feels tired easily

Many feel that exercise is tiring. But the effect you get if you don’t exercise is the same. If you exercise your body will produce endorphins so you will be happy doing it and your body will immediately feel refreshed.

2. Difficulty sleeping

Difficulty sleeping occurs when our minds are trapped with various problems and burdens that are difficult to solve quickly. Difficulty sleeping or commonly known as insomnia is very difficult to get rid of because it generally attacks the psychological victims who are experiencing serious problems. If you experience insomnia, it will have a big impact on a person’s mood and mental health. This condition is very common and must be corrected immediately.

For those who are having trouble sleeping, exercise is a positive alternative for those who have trouble sleeping. By exercising, the body will respond positively to movement, you can take advantage of a leisurely walk in the morning, or in the afternoon. With a body that feels fit, your mind will automatically become calmer. That way it will be easier for us to sleep

3. Digestion is not smooth

Hey, who does not digest well? Impaired digestion occurs if we consume less fiber-rich foods so that the digestive organs will find it difficult to destroy the remaining food in our bodies. What will happen is that the stool will become harder and difficult to pass, and the hours for defecating will not be routine.

Interspersed with eating foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables and nuts, exercise will help digestion more smoothly because movement in the body can encourage the movement of food in the large intestine. You can do cardio exercises such as gymnastics, zumba, jogging, or swimming.

4. Lack of focus

You will feel less focused if you don’t exercise regularly. With your lack of focus due to not exercising, it will make your memory worse. People who don’t exercise have decreased blood flow to the brain’s cognitive memory section.

With exercise, blood flow to the brain will increase. Try exercising for 10-40 minutes every day, you will easily concentrate and you will not become senile.

5. Easy pain

Because the human body is designed to always move and if it is not active enough to move the body it will be susceptible to disease, one of which is the flu. Body power will decrease and prone to illness. By exercising 150 minutes in 1 week can train the upper respiratory muscles and body immunity.

When the muscles and skeletons of the body move, the heart rate will increase so that the blood and the oxygen and nutrients it carries will be distributed properly. This mechanism does not occur if the body does not exercise.

6. Thoughts become not positive

Sport is able to change a more positive perspective on things that it makes them feel stronger. In general, the tendency for negative thoughts stems from strong feelings of feeling insecure. Studies have shown that women who exercise for half an hour have a significant increase in women’s perspective on body imaging compared to those who don’t.

7. Body weight becomes uncontrolled

Uncontrolled weight can occur if we do not pay attention to nutrition and our lifestyle is far from healthy. The cause is a bad habit of eating Junk food, smoking, and drinking alcoholic beverages. If it is not balanced with exercise, your body weight will automatically increase. Being active will help us keep our bodies healthy, lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. Recognize changes in body weight that are too significant and begin to control your lifestyle by exercising.

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