What You Need To Know About Drain Cleaning

Plumbing issues such as clogged drains are frequent. Using do-it-yourself tools and methods, you may be able to address the issue in some circumstances. If your drain is seriously clogged, a qualified plumber can assist you in clearing it.

Here are some crucial details concerning drain cleaning, such as how they function and how frequently you should clean your drains.

Drain Snaking

Snaking is a technique for removing obstinate blockages that are resistant to plunging. It hooks the clog or breaks it up using a pointed attachment at one end of a long, thin wire that is placed into the drain.

Depending on the length, width, and kind of your drain, you can either use a motor drain cleaning machine or a snake to manually remove obstructions.

If your plumbing has been harmed by a clog or the entry of tree roots into your sewage system, your plumber can also advise professional pipe repair.

Drain Auger

Handy drain snakes and industrial augers can both be thought of as flexible cables that perform related tasks. Depending on how big the device is, the drum can carry cables that range from a few feet long to more than 100 feet long. You merely insert the line into your drain in order to puncture or seize the obstruction.

Depending on the size of the drain that they are intended to clear, these gadgets have a variety of directions they can move in.

Smaller drains, such as those under a kitchen or bathroom sink, can be cleaned with drain snakes. Larger lines, such as the drains in your toilet and shower, can be accessed with drain augers.

Hydro Jetting

Another way of cleaning pipelines is hydro jetting. In order to do this, high-pressure water is forced through the plumbing system in your home using a dedicated pipe. To check for damage, a plumber will first place a camera into the pipes.

This is carried out before hydro jetting. The hose is then inserted into your drain by a plumber using a cleanout. A pressurized water tank is linked to the hose.

The hose will go through the drain and clean the inside of your pipe after the water has been switched on. Strong water jets are launched simultaneously in several directions from the hose’s nozzle. Gravity causes the dirt to be flushed out of the plumbing system by washing it down the pipes. Your pipes appear brand new once it clears out all obstructions.

How to know if your drain needs cleaning?

If your drains need to be cleaned, you’ll typically notice one or more of these warning signs.

  • Sinks that drain slowly. There can be a blockage in your pipes if you notice that water drains slowly or gurgles when it drains from your sink.
  • Toilet overflows and jams could be frequently brought on by sewer line issues. The best course of action is to speak with a qualified plumber who can fix the issue.
  • Water accumulates. Water damage and unclean situations may result from this.
  • Bad smell. A blockage in a drain, most likely grease or food particles if the smell is coming from the kitchen, may be the cause of a bad odor coming from your sink or drains.


A clean, effective drainage system is crucial for a house to be safe, cozy, and effective. Professional drain cleaning services can be delivered quickly and on schedule by knowledgeable plumbers. You’ll be able to carry on with your day uninterrupted as a result.

The issue of clogs cannot be resolved on their own. Call a professional right away if you think your drains are blocked. drain cleaning in Austin, TX will assess your issue and present you with the finest options.

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