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Type Of Roof, You Should Know

Type Of Roof – A roof is the most important house protector. Roof can protect the house from the sun and rain. Therefore, having a roof that is sturdy and durable can guarantee a comfortable and safe place to live.

Based on the ingredients, there are many variations on the roof of the house that you can choose. Like the 6 most popular types of roofs that you can see in the Kania article below:

Asphalt Roofing House

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Besides clay, another roof that is popular in Indonesia is asphalt. Made by combining fiberglass and mineral-coated asphalt, this type is available in two models, namely flat and corrugated. For the type of asphalt roof model, the installation is done by screwing it to the gording beam, while the flat asphalt roof can be attached by multiplex which is screwed in the frame.

Many people choose these type, because it is practical in installation, light weight, fireproof, wind resistant, anti-fungal, and can be worn on the roof of the house tilted up to 90 °. Unfortunately, this type of asphalt roof is famous for its expensive price and not environmentally friendly.

Metal House Roof

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If you prioritize durability, you can choose metal roofs. This type of roof uses a combination of various materials such as aluminum, iron, copper and zinc. Currently, the type of metal roofing is widely used in buildings such as schools or workshops.

The advantage, the type of metal roofing is very practical to be installed, has a light weight, anti-rust, anti-break, leak-proof, does not cause heat, fire resistant, windproof and flexible to be installed in various fields. Behind the many advantages, this type of metal roof is famous for its expensive price and requires high accuracy when installing it.

Ceramic house roof

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Do you want to build an Italian or Spanish style house? You can choose the this roof made from ceramics. Offer aesthetic glazing finishing , ceramic roof types are ready to give the impression of luxury to your home. Not only that, ceramic roof of the house is superior because it is durable, durable, resistant to fire, minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly and uses an interlock system such as tile for installation.

But the disadvantages of this type of ceramic roof are that it is very fragile, less resistant to wind, cannot be mounted on the roof of the house with a slope of more than 30 ° so that the water does not leak and flow perfectly, as well as installations that require bolts to prevent it from being easily released.

Concrete House Roof

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Types of concrete roofs currently being applied to minimalist style homes because it carries a modern style. 

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