Tips To Design Your Comfy Space:

We all need a space to relax in after long days at work. Leading scientists have proven that relaxation and sleep are as important to our bodies as food. Everyone needs to be fresh to start a new day’s work and perform their duties effectively. Look at some collections etc reviews and tips to design your comfy space:

Comfy Rugs

Add a few fluffy, comfy rugs to your resting place for warmth and comfort. For added benefits, layer the rugs from the roughest to the softest, with the hard, rough rugs at the bottom and the soft fluffy rugs at the top. For the best pick, review homeware stores.

Add Some Calming Art

Choose art pieces that bring a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your room. Hang them on the wall opposite the door so that when you walk in you automatically get calm and relaxed. Avoid strongly themed pictures or dazzling portraits. Keep the number of art pieces at a minimum of three.

Add Plants

Adding flora into your resting room magnifies your relaxation as it unites you with nature. Plants also add a refreshing aroma to your local atmosphere and some even produce nice calming scents. The best plant types are crawlers or flowers. If you take good care of them, they will serve you loyally for a long time.

Dark Themes

Give your room dark accents to help achieve that cool calming look. Use warm, neutral shades such as cream, grey or dark versions of other colours such as dark green. Avoid bright colours as they overstimulate your brain forcing it to go into overdrive.

Throw Pillows

Add lots of throw pillows into your comfy room for added comfort. You can use these flexibly such as to lay your head and feet.

Use Soft, Cozy Fabrics

Soft fabrics give you that nice feel-good feeling and provide you with comfortable sleep. Silk, linen, cotton or polyester are some of the best fabrics around. Splurge on some quality fabrics and you will get comfortable beyond your expectations.

Invest In A Mattress

Get yourself a good high-quality mattress with a high density. Ensure the mattress does not shrink fast and have a good bed to use it on. Good sleep is an investment in your life since we spend a third of our lives asleep.

Invest In Pyjamas

Avoid going to rest in your normal clothes. Have some good quality pyjamas you can slip into before getting into bed. Pyjamas are light, snuggly and loose, unlike normal clothing that tightens around joints increasing fatigue instead of helping you relax.

Keep Out Technology

Have a strict ‘no tech’ rule in your relaxing space. No phones, tablets, laptops or TVs should be in your resting space. Instead, have a shelf of books to read when bored. Books help grow your creativity and imagination rather than phones that keep you glued on their screens. Alternatively, you can download productivity apps on your devices so that they can lock your device when your relaxation time comes.

Dim Lighting

Relaxation spaces need only low amounts of light. Use table lamps, preferably those with dimmers. Avoid overhead lighting or bright lighting. Yellow lighting is the best option as opposed to white lighting which over stimulates your brain. A dim room helps you relax much better than a bright one.