Speed Booster

Speed Booster is a boosting app for Android Phones with many inbuilt features. This is the fastest boosting app that helps to boost up your phone. With its efficient features, it helps the users to do their tasks within seconds.

You can say goodbye to lagging and save more time to do extra stuff using your phone. The “Dolphin Browser” offered speed Booster on the 6th of August 2010. It is updated with version 2.6 on the 6th of April 2016. There are around 1million user downloads to this Application, and you can download the app for 133Kb.

Why choose Speed Booster over other boosting apps?

Basically, speed booster is the lightest boosting app since its app size is only 133Kbs. This helps you to save storage. Unlike other apps, it does not need more storage to install. So, we can call this Speed Booster a light weighted application like Clean Master lite.

The other advantage of using this boosting app is that it has a very simple user interface. Speed Booster, clean junk files, Boost the RAM within single taps.

The main thing to choose this app over other apps is the speed of this Application. Speed Booster is a fast boosting app. You can optimize and boost up your Android Phone within a single Tap.

Features of Speed Booster

Since there are many features inside one Application, Speed Booster can call it an ‘All in one Application.’ Speed Booster has a memory cleaner, speed booster, and a battery saver inside it. These three functions make your Device perform very well.

Memory Cleaner

This function in Speed Booster helps to clean up the memory in your Android phone, which means the RAM so that it saves more space by cleaning all the junk files and cache files. By cleaning the memory, it helps to upgrade the device performance.

Speed Booster

Speed Booster facility gives you the chance to speed up your phone and reduce lag. This also helps to speed up the phone even if the phone performances are decreased. This method will work on Android TV boxes to gain more performance. Use Filelinked to download required app.

Battery Saver

 It has been a main issue to the users when the device power reduces without any doing. Speed Booster automatically detects the apps that waste power and stop them. If any apps are running in the background but are not essential at the time, Speed Booster stops it to stop the power wastage. For the apps that take much more power than usual, such as Chrome, Facebook, Amazon, and Speed booster, they stop them if they are running in the background unnecessarily. This helps to save the power of your android device.


Speed Booster is a unique and free app that helps you to speed up your device performances. You should permit access to Device & app history when you’re installing it. If not, you cannot get the best advantage of this app. Check out latest apps and games on