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Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Ways to Save Money (And Your Sanity) On A Kitchen Renovation

According to Mark Roemer Oakland, renovating your kitchen is the easiest way of changing its look, increasing your home’s value, and making the heart of your home more functional. However, renovation costs can skyrocket very easily without a leash. Let’s look at ways to save money and your sanity on a kitchen renovation.

The Details

  1. Keep all the kitchen appliances in the same place – When you’re renovating your kitchen, it’s tempting to strip away everything and start fresh with a clean slate. However, this is a very expensive option. Instead, it’s better to do small kitchen renovations in the same layout. Moving just the oven to a different location can be an expensive project due to the required structural changes.

Things become even more difficult and labor intensive if the appliances are behind the wall. That’s why it’s best to keep all the appliances in the same flexible space. So, if you’re planning any structural changes, move all the appliances to the same place with customizable partitions, drawers, and slots. That way you can easily swap out old appliances with newer models.

  1. Don’t miss out on sales – Appliances and materials make up the bulk of kitchen renovation costs. Just changing the countertop can be very expensive and the costs balloon progressively as you add flooring, cabinets, and other such components to the renovation project. A lot of people buy used materials to save money. But that comes with a lot of risks, primarily durability issues.

Instead, it’s best to be on the lookout for sales. Big sales can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in both material and appliance costs. Take your sweet times and compare prices as much as you can. Wait for big sale events during the holidays. That way, you can buy the necessary things at the cheapest price and hire contractors the next month, the slowest season for home renovation.

  1. Do a bit of DIY – Labor is another factor that eats up a large chunk of the renovation project cost. While a lot of work needs the knowledge and expertise of contractors, some of it can be easily done by you with the most basic tooling knowledge and a few online tutorials. You can cut down on labor costs significantly by DIYing as much as possible.
  1. Open shelving – Open shelving has numerous benefits. Compared to kitchen cabinets on walls, they are much easier to install, require less maintenance and make your kitchen look larger. The style variation is as vast and wide as kitchen cabinets, and you don’t lose a significant amount of storage space either. Moreover, they are much more functional and cost-effective.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the tips mentioned above to renovate your kitchen while keeping your wallet fat and full of cash. When you’re renovating on a budget, you limit yourself and can come up with the most innovative ideas while securing funds for more important projects.

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