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5 Essential Quality Materials when Remodeling your Bathroom

Unlike what happens in other environments, it must be considered that a large concentration of humidity and steam is generated in the bathroom. Therefore, it is key to choose quality materials. These types of materials will help us avoid damage and costly repairs, in addition to having a much longer life in complete shower seal. Check out the 5 best materials for your bathroom.

5 Quality Materials to Remodel your Bathroom

1. Marble

It is considered one of the most luxurious quality materials, but that is not why it is unattainable for the common pocket. Keep in mind that it can be used on countertops, walls and floors. It has a glossy look, a smooth finish, and many color options. In addition, being so solid it offers a durability of years. And, of course, it can add value to your home if you ever want to sell it.

Two of its biggest downsides are that it can be cold and slippery. As for the first drawback, you can install heating behind or under the marble. As for the second, it is possible to treat the marble to make its texture less slippery.

2. Tiles

Among quality materials, it is one of the most popular options because it is waterproof, has a good price-quality ratio, is easy to clean and can last for years. Plus, there are hundreds of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

What you should keep in mind before choosing this option is that it can be slippery when wet, especially if the pieces are large and that it is a cold material. Also, you may be wondering: should the tiles be porcelain or ceramic? Actually, the first group is part of the second. The most important difference is that porcelain tends to absorb slightly less water than ceramic.

3. Wood (but not solid)

Wood can give your bathroom a warm and inviting look. Until a few years ago its use was not recommended nor was it considered a quality material, since the combination with water made it not very durable. But if you opt for plywood (and not solid) and to which a good sealer is applied, it is an option that can last for many years.

If you don’t dare to choose such a material for the floor or wall, you can still enjoy it in furniture or small accents, such as a shelf.

4. Bathroom paint

Many people choose to paint their bathroom walls, rather than installing quality materials like marble or tiles. The important thing in this case is to choose a paint that is special for bathrooms, that is, it does not trap moisture and does not generate fungus.

Some benefits of this option are that you can change color and style whenever you want easily, and that it is very cleanable. Also, the cost can be quite less compared to other materials.

5. Vinyl (PVC)

Today many people choose it for the bathroom floor for its great resistance to moisture and water. In addition, there are very attractive and inexpensive options, which allow you to give a great style and durability to the bathroom without spending a fortune.

Attention: if you choose this option, you must be careful with natural light, as it can modify its color, as well as heat, which can deform it. In that sense, it can be an excellent option for a guest bathroom.

With all this information on quality materials, you can now choose the best option for your bathroom remodeling!