5 Amazing Soccer National Team Kits 2019

Soccer is a game which everyone loves and wanted to play. Almost every country play football and every country have its own kit. The kit of a country is very important. It represents that country culture. Most of the country uses its national colors in its kits. Every team has 3 types of kits home kit, away kit, and third kit. In this post, we will discuss 5 amazing kits of 2019. You can also find many amazing kits in the dream league soccer kits.


Brazil National Kit:

Brazil has a unique and shiny kit for its national team. As we all know a team kit represents it’s country’s culture. So Brazil kit contains yellow color in its home kit. The kit is simple and has 5 stars which show that Brasil wins the world cup for the 5 times. Nike is the official kit provider of Brazil. There are 2 logos on the kit 1 is Nike’s and other is Brasil’s logo. The away kit has blue color as its primary color. The away kit is more attractive because it has some kind of design on it.

France National Kit:

France is the world champion of football so champion has a champion kit. On the kit shoulder, there are few thin narrow lines. 3 colors used in the kit dark blue, light blue and white. Nike is also the kit provider of the France team. There are 2 stars on the France kit. France’s flag is also part of the kit. Away kit color is very cool. The light color is used in the away kit but black color is used for the logo. Few dots are used on the kit front.

Nigeria National Kit:

Even Nigeria did not win any soccer world cup but their kit is very cool and looks amazing. many fans all over the world like there kit. Nigeria kit is also designed by Nike. The English word “V” is used as a design in the Nigeria home kit. Parrot green, white and black is used in the kit. Nigeria official logo is also part of the kit. If we talk about the away kit so there away kit is very simple. Only 1 color is used in away kit.

England National Kit:

England only won 1 world cup so that is why they have only 1 star on their kit. The color of the home kit is traditional white color. The home kit is simple and plain with the official England logo. Nike is its provider for the England football team. Away kit is made with the red color which has few lines on it. There both kits are cool and simple but fans like there kits.

Germany National Kit:

Germany won 4 world cup so that is why they have 4 stars on their kit. On the shoulder of the home kit, there are 3 lines of black color. Adidas is the kit creator of the Germany team. Black and white color are used in this kit. The there kit is amazing and cool. The official logo of the Germany team is used. If we talk about away kit then we can see their design is very unique.